All Dutch ministries will implement the CO2 Performance Ladder

All Dutch ministries are getting started to use the CO2 performance ladder. It helps ministries to achieve the government-wide objective: climate-neutral business operations by 2030. 

From circular furniture to greener energy: Nowy Styl takes important steps

Nowy Styl is one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in Europe and has been committed to sustainability for many years. Last year the company achieved level 3 on the CO2 Performance Ladder, but plans for a certificate at level 4 or 5 are already being made. ‘Sustainability is a continuous process. Tomorrow must be better than today.’

SKAO publishes two harmonisation decisions on aviation and CPT companies

The Central College of Experts (in Dutch: CCVD)  of SKAO has published 2 new harmonisation decisions that are normative from now on. The first decision concerns the rules that apply when granting emission reductions to organisations that participate in renewable fuel programs for aviation. For example, it is described which sustainability requirements apply and which calculation rules must be applied. The second harmonisation decision states that companies that carry out CPT investigations belong in the category 'services', and not in the category 'works/supplies'. See the harmonisation acts for further explanation.

CO2-neutral in 2030: Facilicom Group goes for it and obtains certificate

Facilicom Group recently achieved level 3 on the CO2 Performance Ladder. The certificate is an important and logical step for the facility service provider in achieving a broader ambition: CO2 neutrality by 2030. Sustainability manager Tim Platteel: “The Ladder has enabled us to better map our CO2 impact. Now we can monitor it and of course reduce it.”

Innovation partnerships stimulates sustainable innovators

Contracting authorities in the Netherlands spent no less than €85 billion on products, works and services in 2019. This purchasing power can help enormously in achieving sustainable goals. Especially given Europe has had a unique tool to drive new sustainable solutions since 2014: the Innovation Partnership. Although applicable in the Netherlands since 2016, it is not yet widely used. Why is that, what are its strengths and where are its limitations? This article investigates the method with the help of Dutch pioneers and experts.

New: Procurement Guide 3.1 has been published!

After Procurement Guide 3.0, there is now Procurement Guide 3.1: the updated guide for the application of the CO2 Performance Ladder in tenders.

Behavioral scientist Reint Jan Renes: 'Expect resistance when making organisations more sustainable'

How do you properly involve employees in your sustainable ambitions? How does behavioral change work in theory and practice? Isis Weekenborg and Eva Louwerenburg of OchtendMensen discussed this with Ingelou Sybrandij, Sustainability Coordinator at the police, and Reint Jan Renes, behavioral scientist and lecturer Psychology for a Sustainable City at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

18% of Dutch footprint through government procurement

With the 'Netherlands Circular 2050' programme, the government aims to achieve a fully circular economy in the Netherlands by 2050 at the latest. RIVM research now shows that the government can make a significant contribution by sustainable public procurement. 23% of the raw materials needed for our standard of living are purchased through the government.

New logo for the CO2 Performance Ladder!

The CO2 Performance Ladder is been given a subtle new look: a new logo is introduced in the year that the instrument is 12.5 years old. Organisations that used the old logo on their website as part of their certification are requested to use the new one.

Government spending power can trigger a green revolution

Each year, European governments spend €1.8 trillion buying goods and services. Imagine what the world would look like if all these goods and services were produced and used, at low—or zero—greenhouse gas emission levels?

Jacobs Douwe Egberts Pro NL certified on the CO2 Performance Ladder

Total supplier in the field of coffee and tea Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional Netherlands (JDE Pro NL) has obtained a level 3 certificate on the CO2 Performance Ladder. What made the do this? What measures does the company take to reduce CO2 emissions? And: what influence do the stakeholders have on the sustainable course of the listed company? We speak with Bas Stok, corporate responsibility manager at JDE Professional.