SKAO publishes a new harmonisation decision on the emission factor for electricity from biomass.

CE Delft research: the CO2 Performance Ladder a proven tool for CO2 reduction

The CO2 Performance Ladder is an effective tool to help organisations reduce their CO2 emissions. The sustainability tool helps organisations make their CO2 emissions comprehensible and embed reduction measures. The CO2 Performance Ladder offers the most added value to companies and governments with little insight into their CO2 emissions. This is according to research by CE Delft commissioned by the IKEA Foundation.

Launch testimonials: the success of the CO2 Performance Ladder

To support the implementation of the CO2 Performance Ladder across Europe, we present these testimonials from our stakeholders in which they share the valuable lessons learned while successfully implementing the Ladder. Over the last 14 years, the CO2 Performance Ladder has developed into a key Green Public Procurement (GPP) tool and the number one CO2 management system in the Netherlands and Belgium.

IISD: CO2 Performance Ladder feasable for use in Europe

IISD conducted a feasibility study of using the CO2 Performance Ladder as a procurement tool and CO2 management tool in Europe. Compared to other European carbon tools and approaches, the CO2 Performance Ladder stands out for its track record of use in public procurement, its proven carbon mitigation impact, and its third-party verification system.

Invitation: The CO2 Performance Ladder for Low-Carbon Procurement in Denmark

The Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO), and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) kindly invite you to participate in a focus group discussion, in which we will explore the potential to use the CO2 Performance Ladder as a low-carbon procurement tool in Denmark.

Revised harmonisation decision on renewable fuels in aviation

SKAO publishes a renewed harmonisation decision on renewable fuels in aviation. This harmonisation decision is relevant for certificate holders participating in renewable fuels programmes through which they reduce their aviation emissions. Harmonisation decisions are a further interpretation of certain requirements in Manual 3.1. These are also normative.

Metal recycling and CO2 savings go hand in hand at Riwald Recycling

Riwald Recycling is a pioneer in the recycling of metal products and was recently certified at level 5 of the CO2 Performance Ladder. Sustainability manager Ömer Avci: "In our sector, there are actually only two sustainability certificates that really matter: an ISO certificate and the CO2 Performance Ladder; if you really want to show that you take CO2 reduction seriously.

Rates annual contribution CO2 Performance Ladder for 2023 reduced by 10%

The board of Stichting Klimaatvriendelijk Aanbesteden & Ondernemen (SKAO) has reduced the annual fee for CO2 Performance Ladder certified organisations. The rates for 2023 have been reduced by 10% compared to 2022.

‘The CO2 Performance Ladder has increased awareness of sustainability’

Last year, construction company Eiffage Benelux certified for Level 3 on the CO2 Performance Ladder. With this achievement, Eiffage Benelux is one of the frontrunners in sustainable construction in Belgium.

The start of the CO2 Performance Ladder: 'We had the wind at our backs'.

Founding fathers of the CO₂ Performance Ladder reminisce

Ger van der Wal and Johan van Dalen are in the books as the founding fathers of the CO₂ Performance Ladder. From the initial idea to its elaboration and rollout... They are responsible for allowing the CO₂ Performance Ladder to rapidly grow into a successful sustainability instrument. How did the initial phase of the Ladder go? Ger and Johan (both now happily retired) reminisce.

CO2 Performance Ladder highlighted in World Economic Forum report

A new report explores low-carbon concrete and construction procurement in six leading countries, one of which is the Netherlands, and identifies the CO2 Performance Ladder as a key tool in the Dutch GPP approach.